By | February 22, 2020
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CCTV cameras are currently being used for security in office courts, various bank insurance, road gates, shop houses, etc. CCTV can easily detect various accidents, robberies, thefts and terrorists. CC TV cameras always capture video at its set location. CCTV means Close Circuit TV Camera This is a small circuit camera, whose job is to always capture video. At present, the use of CCTV for various accident monitoring is increasing day by day. So today I will tell you the details about CC TV Camera. So let’s talk about the details, price, setting, installation rules of CCTV camera.

What is CCTV Camera?

CCTV means Close Circuit TV Camera. CCTV is a small circuit camera, which is always working on video capture. In a word, a small circuit camera is called a CC or close circuit camera. The use of CCTV camera technology started in our country eight- ten years ago, but it has started to be used much more in Western countries. Due to the low cost of the use of CCTV cameras day by day, its demand and usage are increasing manifold.

Although the CC TV camera technology was previously limited to just black. The CC camera of the day could not see a clear picture in the slightest light. Later, the color CC camera market was actually limited due to the need for a lot of light for transparent pictures. At present, due to the technical development and development of the CC camera, the color is clearly visible in very low light. This is why white-and-black CCTV cameras are no longer used, but color CC cameras are used.

CCTV Camera Usage:

CCTV cameras are used for security purposes in different organizations. For example, office court, bank insurance, roadway, shop house etc. for security. Any accident can be easily monitored through a CC TV camera. So you can use CCTV cameras for various treatments in your home, office, shop. The CCTV camera will monitor your organization and capture video for you at all times. For example, if you have a problem you can see it later and solve it.

Introduction of different parts of CCTV Camera:


There are two types of Digital Video Recorder – TV Based – CCTV Monitoring Systems and PC Based – CCTV Monitoring Systems. The task of DVR is to simultaneously control all systems connected to the camera. Each DVR has a 4,8, 16, 32, 64 camera connection. The function of DVR is to record and control all CCTV cameras, including Hard disk, Mouse, Camera, Power Supply, Monitor / TV.


DVR – Hard Disk:

DVR uses a hard disk or drive to store video captured. The more GB it is, the more video will be saved. Hard disk is mounted inside the DVR. Capture the video as you need it, the capture memory should be set to GB hard disk DVR as much as needed.

Mouse / Remote (DVR-MOUSE / REMOTE):

DVR is a computer-like mouse for function or system management. However, most DVRs are currently used by remote systems. You can control every function of a DVR camera like a computer with a remote or mouse.


When the CCTV camera connects to the DVR through the connector, the video will be captured and stored on the DVR’s hard disk. The task of CCTV is to capture video. Below is a picture of a CCTV camera.

CC Power Connector (POWER CONNECTOR):

power connector

This type of DC power connector is used to supply the power line of the camera with the supply available from DC through Power Connector. The power connector is given in the figure below. Each camera has such a separate power connector.

CC Camera Connector (CAMERA CONNECTOR):

Each camera uses a DMC video connector, called a CC Camera Connector (DMC), to connect to the DVR. Through which the cameras are connected to DVR. Each camera has such a separate connector.

Camera Camera (3 + 1 WIRES):

3 + 1 Wires are available for CCTV cameras. In which it has a separate double core, it needs to be connected to the camera connection connector and the red and green cable to the DC power connection. The rest of the white cable should be used as an audio connection if needed.


HDMI / VGA is the video display output port to be installed with the monitor or computer. Providing an HDMI / VGA line allows you to use the video directly on your monitor screen. The output or playback of the CC camera is viewed through VGA.

Camera Power Supply (POWER SUPPLY):

CCTV cameras are used to power the power supply separately. You can use multiple cameras on one power supply. Such a power supply will be provided for your CC TV camera. With which the power connection of the camera must be turned on

TV Monitor (MONITOR / TV):

Everyone knows what the monitor works for. The monitor works, but if you just want to record the video, you will need to monitor it for playback and live viewing, even if you do not use the monitor. Many camera videos can be seen live on the monitor simultaneously. Direct monitoring requires the use of a monitor.

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