By | January 23, 2020
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In the past few years, CCTV cameras have lot of popularity due to the drop in prices. At present, there are so many models depending on the price, features of CCTV cameras that it can be quite difficult to select any model by looking at the catalog or visiting the store. But it is very important to use the right CCTV camera for the work and the environment in which you want to install CCTV camera because there is a security issues. Let’s discuss 12 rules for choosing the best “>CCTV camera

It is very important to check the lens and data storage of the CCTV camera. Wide angle lens degree determines how much space the camera holds in front of the camera. CCTV camera memory is usually like 1 terabyte which can be extended with external hard disk.

3. Warranty

CCTV cameras are quite sensitive and may be defective, you should always check the CCTV camera’s warranty period. If you have a good brand, you can get maximum 3 years warranty

4. Decide what kind of

8. Black and white or Color camera?

Black and white CCTV cameras used where there is less light. Colorful CCTV cameras are commonly used in indoors where the light is high.

9. Record at night

If you want to have a CCTV camera installed outside your home, you need to take a camera that has an infrared LED. At night, this infrared LED illuminates the front of the CCTV camera, and then you cannot see the light in the dark as it is invisible to human eyes. However, they are well priced. If you want to take apart the infrared lightless camera and put the lights next to the camera, then the cost will be much less.

10. Wired cameras or cheap wireless security cameras?

Wireless cameras look great, so they are usually used in the office. However, one of the problems is that since they communicate via radio signals, there may be interference with the signal if there are any other wireless devices (cordless phones, Wi-Fi routers) in the vicinity. Wireless cameras require a power cable, radio transmitter and receiver, so the price is relatively high. Wired cameras are usually used when setting up outdoor cameras, and wireless cameras are used indoors.

11. Think about cost of installation

In addition to the cost of the CCTV camera and the cost of setting it up, there are other expenses, such as cable, connector and power supply. Be sure to keep these on a budget too.

12. Get advice from security professionals

Before purchasing a CCTV camera ask a professional, they will understand your needs and can advise accordingly. Besides, you will also be able to see the footage of the CCTV cameras of different models and understand the quality of the footage itself.

CCTV camera technology can take a long time to fully understand, and this technology is evolving over time. However, by searching the internet and getting help from professional where you need help, you can understand which CCTV camera you need.

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